Increase Reputation, Trust and Sales

MASMEDIA helps you collect and share more online reviews with just a couple of clicks


Get more online reviews

Increasing reviews on popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, and other review sites can help improve conversions and sales.

Avoid negative reviews

Collect private feedback from customers to identify and address any complaints quickly, while avoiding negative reviews.

Website review widgets

Build trust and increase customer engagement by automatically featuring the top reviews reviews on your website.

Share reviews on social media

Easily promote your business on social media by sharing your best customer reviews with a couple of clicks.

Online reviews are essential for your business

Every business owner knows that customer reviews are important, but how valuable are they really?

Benefits of Getting More Reviews

Better SEO: Online reviews help improve your positioning in Google searches and on Google Maps. Although many SEO factors are involved, reviews provide a very strong signal to Google about a business’s authority and topical relevance.

Less Visibility of Bad Reviews: Unfortunately it is impossible for all your customers to be always satisfied. Sooner or later someone is going to leave you a bad review. Having a good number of positive reviews will help you displace the negative ones so that they are less visible and make your rating more stable.

More Visibility and Clicks: Having more reviews from your customers helps you stand out from your competitors, especially in Google Maps results. A higher number of reviews and an excellent rating improve visibility and attract more clicks and visits to your business.

Build Trust: Positive customer reviews have a huge impact on the trust of your potential customers. According to data published by BrightLocal, consumers tend to read an average of 10 reviews online before they feel they can trust a business. Also, being transparent and responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and that you care about their experience with your business.

Competitive Advantage: A business with more reviews and higher ratings than its competitors is seen by consumers as a better and more trustworthy option.

Increased Sales: The social credibility provided by online reviews helps your customers and prospects feel confident that you are capable of providing them with the service they need. This will help you generate more qualified leads that will directly impact your business’s income.

Who is MASMEDIA for?

MASMEDIA is ideal for businesses where the person in charge is 100% focused on operations and doesn’t want to waste time in the manual process of contacting and following up directly with all their customers to ask them to leave public reviews online.

If you are a dentist, doctor, plastic surgeon, lawyer, real estate agent, freelancer, plumber, locksmith or any other home service provider, then MASMEDIA  is for you.

Why choose MASMEDIA?

MASMEDIA was specifically designed to help SMEs and local businesses increase their online reputation in a simple and effective way by managing amazing customer reviews.

It all started as a value-added service that we offered to the clients of our SEO agency, but we soon realized that this service had the potential to be a stand-alone tool capable of helping many businesses. This is how MASMEDIA was born.

Since we started as a digital marketing agency, we fully understand SMEs’ challenges. We know how important a good reputation is, on and off the Internet, for the success and growth of a business.

Welcome to MASMEDIA. We are here to help you.

Features and Benefits

Increase 4 and 5-star reviews, mediate 3 or fewer-star reviews, get better rankings on Google, and improve the ROI on your investment in your marketing